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Get to leveling!
Feb 20, 10 11:18 PM
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Welcome to BloodThirzt Go Horde!

Thank you for checking out our guild! We are not a full out guild yet ,but are hoping to become one shortly. We are hoping to create this guild( me or Akilina the other founder of this guild) after we hit 80. We are hoping to have 6 tabs, tabards,comlete dailies with the 80s, raids, runs through instances, and a lot of fun. 
 Some rules for our guild are we will not tolerate any rude behavior or stealing from our guild bank. So strict rules will occur on the tabs and how you can use them.We will not tolerate begging for gold or begging for help. Other people are also busy, just ask on the guild speak line once or twice for help. There will be a thing called the penalty box so if you take something from the guild bank that you don't need and sell it or hold onto it you will be placed in the penalty box until you have said what you did wrong. If you don't liek these rules then you can just not join our guild. We want a good guild with good members who are going to help, have fun, and be truthful.

You are probably asking well why did you make the website if you don't have the guild set up yet. We made the website to attract people and maybe they can give us hints on what they would like in a guild and maybe in the meer future if they wanted to join they can just sign up on here that way I know they want to join.Me and Akilina are still trying to level our characters. I am a mage and I believer her to be a priest or warlock.(aggmagan both blood elves). I do assure you that I am a fast leveler. I have three 80's so no need to worry. So please if you have any other questions IM me at mzsweenytodd or mail me at

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Get to leveling!

RedThornz, Feb 20, 10 11:18 PM.
I will be on tomorrow and retrieving money for the guild. Hopefully we will have enough for 6 tabs. Right now I am focused on have my high level run this guild to  keep it in order. Don't forget to invite your friends and invite others. Good luck and Good Hunting!!! Death to the Scourage:D
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